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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Coupla Monday Links

Just sharing some stuff worth reading (and viewing) that I collected over the weekend:

    - NY Times piece on declining DVD revenues. Movie attendance is up 14 percent this year so far, compared with 2008... but sales of movies newly-released on DVD are down 40 percent.

    - Robert Greenwald's real-time approach to documentary filmmaking, with 'Rethink Afghanistan.'

    - Some great videos from January's "Art House Convergence" gathering, which took place just before Sundance.

    - Anne Thompson shares some links related to the debate going on between Mark Cuban and Avner Ronen, CEO of Boxee, the company that makes open source software for set-top boxes. The focus is on the future of channels, bundled content, and a la carte content consumption.

    - Noah Harlan has some thoughtful responses to our SXSW breakfast conversation last week.

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