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Thursday, October 13, 2005

How soon before we see movies on the video iPod?

Not very, is my guess... studios and filmmakers think that 2.5 inch screen is fine for TV shows, but waaaaay too small for movies. And John Borland of writes that studios think Apple may not be offering enough protection against piracy:

    Film studios may be a harder sell [than TV networks], however. Hollywood executives have privately expressed deep reservations about the security of Apple's proprietary digital rights management protections, called FairPlay. They have largely refused to allow any permanent downloads of movies to be sold over the Net until the introduction of a new generation of DVD copy protection, expected to be ready by the end of the year.

Apple's desire to exert pricing control might be another issue. Pricing a song at 99 cents, and a TV show at $1.99, sounds reasonable... but will consumers swallow a $5.99 or $9.99 movie download?


  • Hey there, interesting thoughts.

    I, as independent filmmaker, have thought now for a while about how to market my movies myself and even considered to sell them online as downloadable clips... now with the new iPod this could soon became possible. The problem till yesterday was that nobody was used to pay for film downloads, but if Apple can establish a new sense of downloading films (as they managed with mp3s) this could be great opportunities...

    I mean great studios won't sell their movies on the net tomorrow, but as independent filmmaker attracting a small circle of people worldwide this is a great chance.

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    By Blogger moe, at 5:08 PM  

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