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Monday, October 10, 2005

Video iPod: Not just yet

Suggestions abounded last week that Apple was getting ready to announce a video version of its iPod this Wednesday.

Today, Think Secret says its sources have "clarified that while the October 12 event will not deliver a video iPod, Apple is expected to unveil a lesser update to the full-size iPod."

Why no video iPod right now? Think Secret says licensing talks between Apple and major video content owners are progressing slowly.

    While a video-capable iPod is in development, without the agreements nor infrastructure in place to deliver movies to customers through a store-like interface, Apple sees little value in releasing such an iPod at this time.

    Apple insiders have also said executives see consumers needing the capability to easily import the DVD movies they own to a usable format (similar to the encoding functionality provided for audio CDs with iTunes) in order for a video iPod to be truly successful. The complexity to date of accomplishing such a feat has meant only a minority of computer users have dabbled with watching full-length movies on their computer, with most of the, having acquired the content through file sharing services.

And here's a link to an item about a portable video device that's already on sale, the Sony PlayStation Portable: Paramount has created a Web site for the new movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" that specifically targets PSP owners.