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Monday, October 10, 2005

New digital camera from ARRI

Sheigh Crabtree of The Hollywood Reporter has a piece today on the new "film-style" digital camera from ARRI, unveiled last week to cinematographers. (Film-style seems to mean that it looks and works very much like the film cameras that cinematographers are comfortable with.) They should be available later this month.

Crabtree writes:

    The ARRIFLEX D-20 camera, which made its debut Thursday, is the latest entry in a current crop of promising 35mm-sized single-chip digital cameras to emerge during the past year, each intended for high-quality motion picture production.

A subscription is required to read the full story. (But Matt Jeppsen of FresHDV has more detail in his post, including a link to a report from ARRI on some test shoots held this spring and summer.)


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