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Thursday, June 29, 2006

`I'm tired of these [expletive] snakes on this [expletive] plane.'`

I'm gonna try to resist posting any more `Snakes on a Plane'-related news until around the time of the movie's release (August 18). But...Dawn Chmielewski of the LA Times has a piece today about how New Line Cinema and director David R. Ellis responded to fan suggestions for the movie, adding "more creative snake attacks, more gore, more nudity, and more of star Samuel L. Jackson's signature four-syllable obscenity." She writes:

    "I had the luxury to go back and tailor the film exactly like the fans demand and they expect," said Ellis, whose experience with "Snakes on a Plane" reflects the increasing influence that Internet fan communities have over what's playing on multiplex screens.

    It's as if thousands of people worldwide are sitting in on daily rushes, in which the crew and studio executives offer advice and commentary on movies during production. Although most common with films based on superheroes such as Superman and fantasy worlds such as in "The Lord of the Rings" — franchises with established rabid fan bases — the Internet's reach is gradually turning the already collaborative process of moviemaking into a global endeavor.

That last statement might be a bit over-reaching today...but I do think it'll eventually prove true.