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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Friday at the LA Film Fest: `The Film Experience: Big Screen, Small Screen'

I think I've mentioned here before that I'm moderating what promises to be a great panel this Friday morning at the LA Film Festival, but I haven't posted the panelists before, since they've only recently been confirmed.

The session's called `The Film Experience: Big Screen, Small Screen.' The description:

    With the advent of Internet TV (IPTV), the web promises global access to content and interactivity. Is it democratization of the media, the dawn of a digital community, or the end of the theatrical communal experience? These questions demand an exploration of the ways in which film distribution, community, and the artistry of film are being redefined.

Participating in the conversation will be:

James Ackerman, CEO of Clickstar

John Horn, Staff writer at the LA Times

Aswin Navin, Co-founder and president of BitTorrent

Jim Ramo, CEO of Movielink

Brad Silberling, Writer/Director, `Ten Items or Less.'

Hope that some of you can come and heckle...