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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More on Apple's negotiations with the studios

BusinessWeek Online fills in more of the details of Apple's negotiations with the studios over offering full-length features on the iTunes Movie Store. Peter Burrows and Ron Grover write:

    Sources familiar with the talks say Hollywood executives are frustrated with [Apple CEO Steve] Jobs, who is personally doing most of the negotiating for Apple. "It's all his thing, and he is the one making it happen at this point," says one source. Some Hollywood insiders are uncomfortable haggling with Jobs, who is a director and the largest shareholder of a huge rival, Walt Disney & Co (DIS). Another reason a deal may not be imminent is that neither side needs it to happen right away. Music studio sales were collapsing at the time they negotiated deals with Apple. Not so with Hollywood studios, which can continue to work on other deals with the security of knowing that Apple might not be able to sell a lot of movies on their behalf anyway.

(Maybe Jobs should've gotten this deal done before he sold Pixar to Disney, and took a seat on Disney's board...)


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