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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Warner Bros. in business with GUBA to rent and sell digital movies

Here's the press release announcing the deal. From Sarah McBride's piece in the Wall Street Journal:

    The number of visitors [to GUBA] is far behind sites like MSN Video, with more than 16 million unique visitors, or, with more than 13 million, according to research firm comScore Networks Inc. Mr. McInerney believes even those who have illegally downloaded movies and shows in the past would be willing to pay for them on Guba. Many users already are used to paying Guba for certain search subscriptions.

    New movies will cost $19.99 on Guba, and older titles will cost $9.99. New titles can be rented for $2.99. Movies will be available to buy the same day they come out on DVD, while rentals will be available a few weeks later.

Also: NBC, which last year pulled its `Lazy Sunday' Saturday Night Live segment from YouTube, will start using YouTube to promote its shows. Pretty triumphant announcement for the YouTube guys...