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Monday, April 13, 2009

Great article on fan-funding

The Boston Globe ran this great piece about how musicians are funding tours and albums with help from their fans. The headline is "Musicians and fans join together to get albums made."

Some solid ideas for film and video folks in here...and it's all very much in tune with the Fans, Friends & Followers approach. (They even include a few quotes from Jill Sobule, who is in the book.)

Wanted to share one great quote from a "benefactor" who supported folk musician Ellis Paul:

    Karen Zundel, a librarian in Pennsylvania who's been a devoted Ellis Paul fan for 12 years, says she even saved up for her contribution because it held more importance than your typical splurge. "The arts are what sustain us and bring individuals and communities together and help us to connect with our innermost beings," Zundel says. "A new car won't do that. When you buy a new car or a new outfit, you get that little thrill that lasts very temporarily, and then it's gone. But I think art really sustains me. It lasts."

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