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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Can the movie theater be a multi-purpose space?

This weekend, National Amusements is using one of its LA theaters to host a videogame tournament, according to this Reuters piece.

One challenge for theaters that want to also host business meetings, gaming tournaments, and simulcast live events is that their auditoriums are designed for one purpose -- watching movies in the dark, while reclining in a semi-comfy seat. I suspect if theaters really want to be multi-purpose spaces, they'll need to be reconfigurable, with different seating arrangements, accessories, atmospherics, and chairs that aren't bolted to the floor.




  • If I could play an XBOX 360 game while reclining in a movie theater, and have it projected in HD onto the Big Screen, now THAT would be cool! How about birthday parties and 2-player games? Or MS Flight Simulator on the big screen, possibly across 2 HD projectors, displayed side by side, with a 3rd CRT screen in front of me for cockpit controls?? Opportunities abound. How to monetize them will be a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. For example, this might be a way to monetize dark and empty theaters during normal movie off-peak times (mornings and weekdays).

    By Blogger DougInBoulder, at 7:32 PM  

  • s/CRT/LCD/


    By Blogger DougInBoulder, at 12:05 AM  

  • This may work though it is going to require a little effort on all parties involved. I know over in Spain the hybrid movie theater concept called Cinegames has done pretty well so far. Though the concept is somewhat different.

    Over here in the States making the Multiplex truly multi is key to their survival for the theaters have overlook the increasing numbers of movies regardless of the type being release.

    Example theater chains could set up certain days or times for social organizations to come in view documentaries that are in lined with their ideology and purpose. There is a lot money to be made right there…

    Instead of having one small screen off in the corner of Multiplex showing the latest indie sensation theaters could have a screening where their directors etc etc come in and talk about their project etc etc… Quite sure that will fly over well with film geeks and emerging filmmakers.

    Something could be done to make adults feel comfortable in their movie going experience such as offering them discounts for early morning movies since teenagers traditionally like see movies later in the evenings.

    On the business end… presentation could be given in a theater with ease since on most workdays over half of the theater is empty…

    Come on people Think Holographically

    By Blogger Rashad Ferguson, at 1:09 PM  

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