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Monday, April 23, 2007

Are we at the Blu-ray tipping point?

This piece from The Hollywood Reporter suggests that Blu-ray high-def discs are gaining momentum in the marketplace: in the first quarter, 70 percent of all high-def discs sold were Blu-ray. The data comes from the trade mag Home Media Retailer. From the piece:

    Research...shows that eight of the 10 top-selling high-definition titles in the first quarter [of 2007] were on Blu-ray Disc. At the top of the list was "Casino Royale," which sold through to consumers an estimated 59,680 units in the period. The Blu-ray Disc edition of "Departed" finished second, while the HD DVD version of that Oscar-winning film placed third.

    From January 1-March 31, consumers bought almost 1.2 million high-definition discs -- 832,530 Blu-ray units and 359,300 HD DVDs -- according to Home Media Magazine. In March, consumers bought 335,980 Blu-ray Discs and 119,570 HD DVDs.

    Since the high-def format's inception -- HD DVD launched in April 2006, while Blu-ray got rolling two months later -- more than 2.14 million discs have been purchased by consumers: 1.2 million Blu-ray Discs and about 937,500 HD DVDs.

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  • Hopefully it is... it's the better format and it would be nice to think that sometimes that would be the overall winner.

    Interestingly I think that the deciding factor is probably the Playstation3.

    Why buy a HD-DVD player when for the same money you can get a Blu-Ray player that happens to be a completely incredible gaming machine...

    By Blogger tommyw, at 12:01 PM  

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