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Thursday, April 19, 2007

BusinessWeek gives a thumbs-up

Tech writer Stephen Wildstrom seems to think that Jaman is on its way to becoming a significant player in digital movie distirbution. His piece is headlined, 'At Last, an Online Art House.' Wildstrom likes the pricing (download to own for $4.99, rather than a DVD-like $15) and selection. From the piece:

    ...This startup download service aims to become an online film festival for world movies and the works of independent filmmakers—the sort that don’t have distribution deals with Miramax (DIS) Film or Fox Searchlight Pictures (NWS).

    The concept is more novel than you might think. Outside of Jaman, the movies available for download today are mostly a subset of the limited offerings at your local Blockbuster (BBI), dominated by films that have recently finished their theatrical runs, box-office hits of the last few years, direct-to-video flops, and just a smattering of classics. Movielink’s download service offers fewer than 150 of the thousands of movies made before 1970, plus a shamefully underpowered roster of 40 foreign films.

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