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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Variety's Home Entertainment Quarterly

Variety's quarterly report on home entertainment has a bunch of neat-o tech stories, including lots on Blu-ray versus HD DVD, a piece about VOD and digital downloads, and hacking copy protection.

I've got two pieces in the section: one is a look back at the ten years that the DVD format has been with us, headlined, 'How DVDs became a success,' and the other is a look at whether we could've avoided the Blu-ray/HD DVD stand-off.

My favorite quotes from that first piece are toward the end:

    Many homevid vets don't believe that discs -- whether standard or high-definition -- will be replaced by digital delivery anytime soon.

    "I'd be surprised if, four years from now, downloading of movies by consumers represents more than 7% of the total consumer spending on home entertainment," says Bo Andersen, president of the Entertainment Merchants Assn.

    Lieberfarb agrees that discs won't be let go of easily: "There is a reluctance to experiment with transformative models, for fear that it'll cannibalize revenues in the short run."

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