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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday links: Cinemark goes public, Jaman offers Tribeca fare, Chad Hurley writes for Forbes

- Cinemark Holdings, the third-biggest theater operator in the US, went public yesterday. An IPO for AMC, the second-largest, is on the way.

- Six films screening at the Tribeca Film Festival will be available for free download on, for seven days. Variety's Adam Dawtrey writes, "Deal is believed to mark the first time a major festival will have given online exposure to part of its full-length feature program at the same time the movies unspool at the fest."

- YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley has a piece in Forbes on the site's impact on the entertainment industry. He calls YouTube "the ultimate audition venue," continuing:

    YouTube is more than a library of clips. It's also a network of audience members who engage content in a different way than previously possible and spread success stories by word of mouth. Some rise to fame because of one viral hit, others build a consistent following over time.

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