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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More 3-D movies on the way...Digital cinema in China...Tidbits from the LA Film Fest

- Andy Georgiades of the Wall Street Journal reports that more 3-D movies are on the way to theaters near you... some IMAX, some not. He writes:

    In addition to "Superman Returns," Imax and Warner Bros. will be releasing two other computer-animated films in 3-D this year: "The Ant Bully" in August and "Happy Feet" in November. In September, Sony Corp.'s Sony Pictures unit will release its animation division's first computer-animated film, "Open Season," in Imax 3D.

    ...However, there are also 3-D films on the way outside of Imax, thanks to the expanding number of digital 3-D projection systems in conventional theaters. Sony is releasing "Monster House" in July, and Walt Disney Co. is planning to re-release "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in Disney Digital 3D in October, as well as its newest computer-animated film, "Meet the Robinsons," in March 2007.

- Barco is going to supply 300 digital cinema projectors to China's Guangdong province. Sounds like a deal where a Chinese company, Dadi Digital Cinemas, may actually be building the projectors in partnership with Barco...

- LA Times writer John Horn has a short dispatch from last week's `The Revolution Will Be Digitized' day at the LA Film Fest. (It's the last item on the page.)