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Thursday, October 13, 2005

'24 Hours on Craiglist'

I don't do movie reviews here, but just wanted to point you to the supremely-enjoyable documentary '24 Hours on Craigslist,' which is playing through October 17th in San Francisco.

The concept: find the best stories from postings on Craigslist on one day (August 4, 2003):

    An Ethel Merman drag queen searches for the perfect backup band for her Led Zeppelin covers. A suburban professional woman assembles a diabetic cat support group. A couple seeks the perfect rabbi for their marriage. A would-be mother finds her ideal sperm donor. Doors for sale, one night stands, compulsive roomates, transsexual erotic services. The mundane and the sublime, the ridiculous and the profound, all come together to paint a portrait of a thriving, humanistic community in the midst of an ever-accelerating culture.

The clever part: director Michael Ferris Gibson assembled the eight crews who shot the movie (with DV cams, of course) by putting a posting on Craigslist.

The DVD, featuring lots of extra footage and updates, is supposed to be out next year.


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