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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

'Inventing the Movies': Video, Magazine Article

Fora.TV attended a book presentation I gave in October at the Hillside Club in Berkeley, CA, and they've just posted the video on their site.

And CIO Magazine recently published a piece based on the book, headlined "What CIOs Can Learn from Hollywood." Here's the opening:

    The movie industry is full of prima donnas, overpaid incompetents and people who talk endlessly just for the pure pleasure of it. Nothing like your industry, is it?

    Hollywood, with its glittery red carpet premieres, may not seem to have much in common with banking, health care or auto manufacturing. But I believe it shares a key trait with every large, well-established industry: how it responds to new business models and technologies.

    For more than a century, every time an important innovation knocked on Hollywood's door, the industry treated it like a homely auditioner—giving it the cold shoulder and trying to show it the door. The movie industry ignored or tried to stave off sound, color, television, home video, computer animation, and digital editing and cinematography before realizing that each revolution would help grow the business, ensure its cultural relevance and expand the creative possibilities.

The book's Web site is here.

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