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Friday, September 04, 2009

Talking FFF...At DocMovies, Directors Notes, and DIY Days

Continuing to try to spread the word about Fans, Friends and Followers...

Recently published are:

- An interview with DocMovies. Here's the very last part of that Q&A (also available in Hebrew.):

    DM- Last question: will there be the next Michael Moore, or Errol Morris coming out of the digital world?

    SK- I'm an optimist, and I think you should never underestimate the creativity and power of artists -- hopefully, that comes through in the book. I think that if you look at any new medium in its earliest days, whether it is photography or cinema or videogames or Internet video, you could say, "Oh, that's a juvenile art form, and no one has done any meaningful work in it yet." It seems simple and rudimentary compared to all the more sophisticated art forms that came before -- think about the early films of Thomas Edison compared to the great operas of Mozart -- what a joke Edison's movies were. But give it 20 or 50 or 100 years, and you get John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorcese and Frederick Wiseman and Errol Morris.

- The Directors Notes podcast from the UK, hosted by MarBelle.

- My talk from DIY Days Philadelphia, on August 1st:

Many more great videos from that event are available here.

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