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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Talking Indie Distribution, Next Sunday at Sundance

I'm thrilled to be moderating a panel next Sunday at Sundance, called "What's Next? Models and Experiments in Indie Distribution." If you're in Park City, it's at the New Frontier at noon on January 18th. If not, I'll try to blog/podcast, and Sundance eventually posts audio and video on their site.

Panelists are:

    - Lance Hammer ('Ballast')

    - Matt Dentler, Cinetic Rights Management

    - Connie White, Balcony Releasing/member of the Sundance Arthouse Project

    - Christian Gaines, Director of Festivals, Withoutabox, a division of IMDb

    - MJ Peckos, Mitropoulos Films

    - Cora Olson ('Good Dick')

    - Steven Raphael, Required Viewing

The panel description is below. If there are any questions you think I should ask, post them here...

    In today’s brutal marketplace, filmmakers and distributors are forced to think outside the box. From DIY theatrical to multiplatform releases and viral marketing, there are as many new strategies today as there are successful films. Join us as we showcase films capitalizing on the newest opportunities, as well as the distribution companies articulating the clearest visions.

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