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Friday, April 11, 2008

Podcast: 'What Innovators Can Learn from Hollywood'

I gave a talk last month in Providence, Rhode Island for a gathering of technologists and CIOs from colleges and universities, the title of which was "What Innovators Can Learn from Hollywood." The podcast is here, though it seems they've snipped out all of the movie clips -- all of which are covered by the Fair Use doctrine. Ah well. The talk also has a lot of photographs, too, which you'll have to imagine.

Here's the description:

    Technology innovators sometimes expect that users will embrace new ideas and new tools with open arms. In reality, most innovations are met with hostility and indifference, and it can take a lengthy campaign to persuade organizations to change the way they work. In an illustrated spin through Hollywood history, journalist and author Scott Kirsner will demonstrate how innovators like Pixar, George Lucas, and Bing Crosby (yes, "Mr. White Christmas") have changed the movie industry while facing enormous resistance. He'll also describe the three kinds of people that exist in every organization and some of the key reasons people tend to rebel (or go into a shell) when confronted with a new piece of technology.

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