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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday linkage: iTunes movie rentals, more opera on digital screens, 'Honeydripper' Q&A

- An Apple analyst suggests that the company may start renting movies on iTunes in 2008, and perhaps even delivering them directly to an AppleTV.

- Following the lead of the Metropolitan Opera, the San Francisco Opera is going to start transmitting pre-recorded operas to about 200 digital cinemas, starting in March. The plan is to do six a year. (The Met, by contrast, does live broadcasts to cinemas.)

- Jane Green of the blog Film Publicity Help has a Q&A with Maggie Renzi and John Sayles, who talk about the marketing and distribution of their latest film, 'Honeydripper.'

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  • Hi Scott,

    You may not remember me, but we spoke at the Apple store in San Francisco. I told you about how I have been dreaming to start my own podcast. Well, I finally did it! This is the first video made by me and I will be making them daily for 2008 and beyond. It's people like you who have influenced me to do this and I want to say thank you and see what you think. You are someone I look up to as knowing a lot about all this.

    Be nice! I'm sure they will get a lot better.

    What I do to make this different is life cast an hour long show and then screen capture the live show that I edit after. The show streams on,,, and and the 4 min clip cast will be uploaded to all video hosting sites.

    Best Regards and Thanks,

    Sarah Meyers

    By Blogger Sarah Meyers, at 11:45 PM  

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