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Friday, September 28, 2007

New CBS Unit Will Chop Up Shows for the Web

It doesn't sound like CBS's new EyeLab group will be creating original content, aside from perhaps some "behind-the-scenes" footage or celeb interviews, but it's an interesting approach to repurposing TV content for the Web. Here's the Wall Street Journal's story. From the piece:

    At a time when its competitors are focused on how to best distribute full-length TV shows online, CBS EyeLab represents a turn in the other direction. The content it offers will look more like videos on Google Inc.'s YouTube -- bite-size clips, streamed free, many with the feel of user-generated content -- than episodes of network prime-time shows. Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive, said preliminary network research shows that less than a third of CBS's Web audience is interested in watching full-length episodes of shows online.

    CBS says the EyeLab-produced clips will both entertain viewers and serve a marketing purpose. "It turns our promotion into content," said George Schweitzer, the president of CBS Marketing. "The clips about 'CSI' or something from how a director shoots a scene in the show 'NUMB3RS,' these are all things that link back to our shows." The network also plans to sell ads that will be embedded in the clips.

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