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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

EchoStar Buys Sling Media ... Blu-ray Sells More Discs, HD DVD More Players ... 'The Tribe,' Available Soon on iTunes

- EchoStar, the parent of the Dish Network, is paying $380 million for Sling Media. Sling makes the Slingbox, which can send live TV broadcasts and DVR content from your home to any Internet-connected computer (and even to many cell phones).

- In an update on the high-def disc wars, the Wall Street Journal says HD DVD has about 58 percent of hardware sales, but Blu-ray discs are outselling HD discs by 2-to-1 this year. What does that mean? I guess Blu-ray player owners are just buying more discs than their HD DVD neighbors.

Sarah McBride writes:

    The upshot: Both formats remain viable. And even though consumers can get free movies when they purchase a player, millions of people are sitting on the sidelines, their wallets untouched.

- "The Tribe," a short film on the connection between Barbie dolls and Judaism, will start selling on iTunes next week, according to filmmaker Tiffany Shlain's Web site. (It played at Sundance in 2006.) That makes it one of the first indie films to show up on iTunes without going through an aggregator like Shorts International. It'll sell for $1.99. Shlain worked directly with Apple on the arrangement.

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