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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Video Q&A: Cinema Owner Mark Stern on Innovation

When I was in Seattle earlier this month, I had a chance to visit Big Picture -- a new cinema concept I'd been eager to see ever since I talked with co-founder Mark Stern for this Hollywood Reporter piece.

Big Picture is a really interesting new direction in theatrical exhibition: an intimate venue where you can throw parties and corporate events, or simply buy a ticket to see a movie in a hip, comfortable environment. (Mark claims Big Picture in Redmond was the first theater to install Tempurpedic seats.)

Here's a video "notebook" of my visit to Big Picture in Redmond Town Center (not far from Microsoft's headquarters), and my conversation with Mark. We talk about the origins of the idea, how he competes with the chains, his early belief in digital cinema, his philosophy on service and design, his plans to expand to either Santa Monica or the San Francisco area, and some of the private events that have been held at Big Picture (including one with live music by Dave Matthews.) Running time: 17 minutes.

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