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Friday, May 18, 2007

Two new vid-sharing sites, both with monetization plans

Last night at an event at the Film Arts Foundation here in San Francisco, I met Tom Hicks, the co-founder of a new indie-film site called Caachi. You can name your own price for the download and keep 75 percent of the revenues, or make it free. They use BitTorrent for delivery, at DVD quality.

And Charles Baker, the content acquisitions manager for Vuze e-mailed me today. They're focusing on delivering content in high-def. As for monetization, Charles writes:

    We currently offer content creators the ability to monetize their content on a "download to own/rent" basis. We are also negotiating ad deals with Fortune 500 companies to place pre/post roll ads. Later this summer, we will offer an advanced ad/ network engine from to make much more targeted ads, which means a higher payment per ad placement.

I'll add these guys to my chart of sites that pay video producers when I have a minute.

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