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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NY Times: 'Top Directors See the Future, and They Say It's in 3-D'

If you are getting weary of reading so many articles about the second coming of 3-D, don't click here. But there's a good quote in this piece about 3-D movie production from Jeffrey Katzenberg, who has committed DreamWorks Animation to releasing all of its movies in 3-D, starting in 2009:

    β€œI believe that this is the single greatest opportunity for the moviegoing experience since the advent of color,” Jeffrey Katzenberg, the chief executive of DreamWorks Animation, said in an e-mail message. β€œIt has been more than 60 years since there has been a significant enhancement or innovation to the moviegoing experience.”

(I'd take issue with the 60 years comment... that leaves out stereo sound, VistaVision, CinemaScope, Cinerama, the original wave of anaglyphic 3-D movies, Sensurround, stadium seating, and cup-holders.)

Some trivia for you: in 1953, the peak year of the original 3-D boom, there were 23 movies released in 3-D, including 'House of Wax' and 'It Came from Outer Space.' (I'd be surprised if we see a half-dozen 3-D releases this year from major studios.) By 1955, there was just one movie made in 3-D.

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