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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Two Updates: List of Sites that Pay for Web Video, and New Price for "Future of Web Video" Book

While I'm posting in a self-promotional vein, I should note two things:

    1. I've updated my list of Web sites that compensate creators for video, from short instructional clips to full-length feature films.

    I think at this point there are too many sites for this to be an encyclopedic (or Wikipedic?) list, so I'll just try to keep tabs on the most significant players. (That'll generate lots of angry e-mails, I'm sure.) With this latest update, I've added companies like Si-Mi and IndiePix, and also amended the entries for, which ended a short-lived video partnership with Yahoo in December and also recently changed its payment strategy.

    2. Sales of "The Future of Web Video" have far surpassed my expectations -- thanks mostly to postings on other film, video, and tech-oriented blogs. So far, the download version has outsold the paperback version, 3 to 1.

    To pander to anyone who hasn't yet bought their copy, in either the PDF or ink-on-dead-trees format, I'm lowering the price. The downloadable version is now $9.95, and the paperback is $15.95. You can buy both versions here.