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Monday, February 05, 2007

Jim Cameron's 'Avatar': 3-D Only?

This Variety piece by Ben Fritz is the first time I've heard it said definitively that Jim Cameron plans to release his upcoming movie, `Avatar,' only in 3-D ... no 2-D version for theaters that aren't equipped to show digital 3-D. Will he and Fox, which is releasing the movie, backpedal if there aren't enough theaters that can show 3-D by 2009?

Fritz writes:

    Studios are banking on 3-D in a variety of formats: animation ("Meet the Robinsons"), motion-capture (the Robert Zemeckis-helmed "Beowulf"), live-action ("Journey 3-D") and even revivals (1993 toon "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is now an annual event in 3-D, while George Lucas hopes to re-release his "Star Wars" pics in the format).

    But the poster boy for the revival is James Cameron, whose "Avatar" will be released by Fox in 2009. The live-action film -- his first fiction work since the 1997 "Titanic" -- will be released only in 3-D. Proponents hope Cameron and his film will be a rallying point for the new format.

Cameron is using the Fusion Camera System that he developed with Vince Pace and Sony Electronics. More on that here.


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