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Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday News: Machinima, MTV and Kevin Smith, Amanda Congdon, Google Video Lawsuit, and Illegal iPod Activity

- Three fun pieces from the LA Times....

- A French documentary producer is suing Google because his film, 'The World According to Bush,' showed up on Google Video without his OK. From the Variety story:

    "This isn't a war against the Internet. I'm a big fan of Google and I use it all the time," [producer Jean-Francois ] LePetit told Variety," but it isn't possble to develop legal services on the Internet as long as this kind of parasitic activity continues to exist. Google must assume its responsibilities."

- The US Copyright Office says it ain't legal to decrypt DVDs that you own and then transfer them onto an iPod or other video player, according to the Associated Press.