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Monday, November 20, 2006

Video: Eisner and Diller Chat About Media and Tech ... Study Finds Video iPod Usage Hasn't Yet Taken Off

- Forbes has posted some video clips from their MEET Forum, held last month in Beverly Hills. The first few come from the interview between Michael Eisner and Barry Diller. (Here are some of my notes from the conference, and my Variety coverage.)

- Nielsen has done what is purportedly the first survey on video iPod usage. From Andrew Wallenstein's story in The Hollywood Reporter:

    ...Nielsen monitored a panel of 400 iPod users in the U.S. from October 1-27 as part of its new initiative, Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement, or A2M2, which aims to measure audiences on myriad emerging digital platforms.

    Among the findings: Less than 1% of content items played by iPod users on either iTunes or the device itself were videos. Among video iPod users, that percentage barely improves, up to 2.2%.

    Even measured by duration of consumption, where 30- or 60-minute TV shows might seem to have a built-in advantage over three-minute songs, video comprises just 2% of total time spent using iPods or iTunes among iPod owners. Video iPod users consume video 11% of the time.

    The study also found that 15.8% of iPod users have played a video on either iPod or iTunes. About one-third of that group doesn't own a video iPod.

    Nielsen's "Home Tech Report," a separate ongoing tracking of new technologies, projects about 13% of U.S. households own at least one iPod, amounting to about 15 million -- 30% of which are video-enabled iPods....