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Friday, October 20, 2006

Exhibitors: `We don't know how to market digital cinema'

(OK, imagine this entry being read by the sonorous Coming Attraction Voice.)

In a world where...

...Consumers are snapping up high-definition TVs

...TiVo just introduced a high-definition digital video recorder

...Sirius, XM, and HD Radio lure drivers to buy new equipment and pay for monthly subscriptions so they can get better sound in their car

...Home video makers are starting to purchase high-def camcorders

...Somehow, the owners of America's movie theaters can't figure out how to market digital cinema. This, at a moment when consumers are upgrading every other aspect of their entertainment experience.

That's the vibe that I got at ShoWest this past March, and it still seems to be the vibe on the verge of ShowEast, according to this piece by Andreas Fuchs in Variety.

One of the rare exhibitors doing a good job explaining to ticket-buyers that digital cinema is a premium experience: UltraStar, the first chain to install digital projectors in 100 percent of their auditoriums.


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