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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

`Moving Pictures' - Jeff Skoll and Participant Productions

Fast Company has a story about Jeff Skoll and Participant Productions, in advance of the release next month of Richard Linklater's `Fast Food Nation,' which Skoll executive produced.

A snippet:

    ...Customers are attracted to a good product wedded to a sincere, virtuous mission. The social campaigns that generally roll out on the Web site with the release of each movie also function as very smart marketing campaigns for the age of the blog. For example, the progressive political organization promoted a "See the Truth" campaign to its 3 million members; more than 200,000 people pledged online to see An Inconvenient Truth and buy tickets for friends on its opening weekend to help it get picked up by more theaters. Truth was the most profitable film per-screen for a couple of weekends after its opening. Try pulling that trick with Pirates of the Caribbean 3.


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