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Thursday, June 01, 2006

LA Film Fest Explores Technology's Impact on Film

The speaker's roster is shaping up nicely for the LA Film Festival's tech day, "The Revolution Will Be Digitized: Technology and Its Impact on Film." (One of my favorite subjects.) Passes are $70 for a half-day, $100 for the full day. It's being held in Westwood Village, home to UCLA, on June 23rd.

Speakers include YouTube founder Chad Hurley, Clickstar CEO James Ackerman, Peter Broderick of Paradigm Consulting, president Paula Montondo, Movielink CEO Jim Ramo, and directors Jason Reitman, Brian Terwilliger and Brad Silberling. I'll be moderating one of the opening panels in the morning -- so if you decide to go, say hello.

(And here's a quick pointer to a page I've just put up...a collection of guidelines I've found helpful in organizing and running panel discussions at conferences and events like this one. Comments welcome.)


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