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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Coming from Texas Instruments: Handheld 3-D Projectors for Consumers?

Texas Instruments CEO Rich Templeton dangles an interesting possibility during an interview with BusinessWeek Europe: portable 3-D projectors for consumers, using the company's DLP [Digital Light Processor] chip technology. (This is the same chip that's inside digital cinema projectors made by companies like Christie, NEC, and Barco.) A snippet:

    Templeton: If you really want to stay tuned, there's going to be some interesting effects like 3D. Since these DLPs are millions of mirrors moving, we can switch them at a very high rate of speed, and that lets the creative producers do some really stunning effects. We're working on 3D in the cinema right now. But it doesn't take much to figure out that we could do this on small handheld projectors, and there's a certain class of user called a teenage male gamer, and you can imagine what they might do with 3D gaming.

    BusinessWeek: Would you need special 3D glasses for that or would it just be an in-picture effect?

    Templeton: We've got people working on both.


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