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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Link-mania: Blockbuster, Windows, Disney, Sundance

Pointing you, as always, in the right directions:

-, now owned by the Washington Post Company, seems to be making Hollywood a core part of its coverage. Edward J. Epstein has a piece titled Hollywood's New Zombie: The Last Days of Blockbuster. And Daniel Gross asks, Who suffers when the DVD is released before the movie has left the theaters?

- Disney's CFO, Tomm Staggs, says his company won't just distribute video content through Apple's iTunes Music Store, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

    While the iTunes initiative "has not been a giant mover in terms of the bottom line," Staggs said, it is "an important catalyst for where the business is going."

    He said that Disney will remain "platform agnostic," demanding only that potential partners provide a "quality consumer experience and requisite intellectual property protection."

- Wired News and cover tech at Sundance.


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