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Monday, January 16, 2006

Comparison of iTunes video and Google Video Store

Verne Kopytoff of the SF Chronicle has a nice, straightforward comparison today of the new Google Video Store and the video offerings at Apple's iTunes Music Store.

He says that overall, Apple offers the better experience for consumers who want to buy digital versions of TV shows:

    I applaud Apple for giving users far more latitude with the videos. Unlike Google, Apple users get permanent access to prime-time shows they buy, not just for 24 hours.

    Additionally, Apple's customers are free to download shows to video iPods and burn them onto DVDs. Now that's convenience.

    Overall, I give Apple's paid video service higher marks than Google's. If Apple solved the problem of slow downloads and added a bigger selection of video, then I would be a more frequent customer.

    But my accolades have their limits. Given a choice between paying for online video or watching a show free on television, I'd choose the free television every time.


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