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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cinematical at Sundance

Karina Longworth over at Cinematical has a great blog post from Sundance covering a panel yesterday on "Entertainment and Social Change" that featured Robert Redford, Jeff Skoll from Participant Productions, and MPAA head Dan Glickman, among others. Two snippets on Glickman:

    - Dan Glickman, meanwhile, went to CES this year. He was not impressed. "None of that [technology] makes any difference if there's not a story to put on that equipment - they're just empty screens."

    - Dan Glickman thinks that even though theatrical atttendance is down, thanks to technology, overall moviewatching is

I think so too, but it'd be nice to see some data to back that up.

Cinematical also has a video roundtable discussion featuring the three bloggers they've got on site.


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