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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From IBM's 3-D television + MGM Supports Blu-ray

Michael Singer writes from San Francisco:

    At the 22nd annual Flat Information Displays conference sponsored by iSuppli here, IBM's display laboratories demonstrated a low-cost way to get high-resolution 3D images from a large-screen television or home-cinema projector that's already on the market.

    IBM expects that the technology could be built into a standard DLP television for less than $20.

It uses passive polarized glasses. There's a nice video on as well that gives a sense of some of the potential applications for 3-D TV. also has this Reuters report on MGM's endorsement of Blu-ray as a format for high-definition DVDs. It's not too much of a shock that MGM is backing Sony's format:

    MGM's move was not considered a surprise, as the studio behind the lucrative James Bond film franchise was bought in April by an investor group including private equity firms Providence Equity Partners and Texas Pacific Group, as well as Sony and Comcast.