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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A report: `Serenity' DCI-compliant screening

Laurie Sullivan has this report on Monday's first-ever screening of a digital film that complied with all of the Digital Cinema Initiative's rules and regulations.

'Serenity' was only the third film that Universal has released in digital format; the earlier two were 'Jurassic Park III' and `Van Helsing.' (And `Serenity' was only shown digitally for this single event Monday night, not the national release.) Sullivan writes:

    The process still has kinks. Doremi's [technology director Camille] Rizko said it took three days to encode the movie to DCI specifications and deliver the file. That process proved about two days longer than expected because there were minor issues to solve around the JPEG 2000 compression standard. "Subtitles and additional audio are contained in the same package that shares the visuals," he said.