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Thursday, October 27, 2005

NY Times piece: Sharing personal video

Quick link to a piece of mine in today's NY Times, headlined Now Playing: Your Home Video.

The gist:

    The entrepreneurs who have started companies like ClipShack, Vimeo, YouTube and are betting that as consumers discover the video abilities built into their cellphones and digital still cameras, and get better at editing the often-lengthy video from their camcorders, they will be eager to share video on the Web. While most of the services are free today, the entrepreneurs eventually hope to make money by selling ads or charging fees for premium levels of service.

    Sharing video on the Web is still a new notion. "A lot of people haven't really come to terms with the idea that they can publish their own video online," said Jakob Lodwick, the founder of Vimeo, based in Manhattan. "For the longest time, video has always been connected to a physical tape or a disc. There are still a lot of people who aren't even comfortable sharing their photos online yet."