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Monday, October 24, 2005

The ShowEast press release deluge begins

The ShowEast trade show in Orlando seems to be happening, despite Hurricane Wilma; I'm just glad I ended up not arranging to attend.

So let the press-releasing begin...

  • Texas Instruments brags that digital projectors equipped with their DLP chip will be screening several movies at the show, including `Chicken Little,' `Walk the Line,' `Casanova,' `The Producers,' and `Rumor Has It.' (What they don't mention is that Sony challenged them to a shoot-off between Sony's 4K projection technology and TI's 2K technology - and TI has so far not accepted.)

  • Real D says that it has five-year licensing deals to install its 3-D gear in theaters owned by 24 different companies. But it sounds like the actual number of theaters still stands at 85, the number that it's working on with Disney for `Chicken Little.' Joshua Greer, the company's CEO, told me recently that the goal is 1000 theaters within two years.

  • Yipee!: a new 2K d cinema projector from NEC.