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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"Digital Hollywood" conference (and other upcoming events)

I don't think I've posted yet about the Digital.Hollywood conference coming up next week, Sep 19-21, in Santa Monica.

The agenda looks great, with speakers like Blair Westlake (Microsoft), Jordan Greenhall (DivX), Curt Marvis (CinemaNow), Jennifer Feiken (Google Video), Martin Kudkovitz (Disney), a whole mess of DreamWorks Animation execs (including "Madagascar" director Tom McGrath), Sinbad (yes, Sinbad), and Rick Dees.

I won't be there, since I'm hosting this event on marketing strategy in Colorado Springs.

And I suppose this is as good a place as any to plug an event coming up later this month in Berkeley, California, "Getting Ready for Prime Time: Online Video and the Future of Television," organized by the diligent Jeff Ubois. I'll be running a panel titled "Content Discovery and Search." Here's the description:

    BlinkX, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have all released video search engines, and there has been a great deal of discussion about the end of channels and schedules. How will users find content that matters -- or have it delivered directly to them?

My panelists are Karen Howe of Singingfish (AOL); Suranga Chandratillake, CTO and Co-founder, BlinkX; Jeff Karnes, Director of Media Search, Yahoo!; and Kevin Marks of Technorati.

If you're in the Bay Area on September 30th, and interested in how TV is changing, I'll look forward to seeing you there.