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Friday, January 22, 2010

Saturday: Live Streaming of the Filmmaker Summit at Slamdance

Tune in Saturday, January 23rd for the live stream from the Filmmaker Summit at Slamdance, featuring speakers like Lance Weiler, Jamie King of 'Steal This Film,' Jon Reiss, Timo Vuorensola of 'Iron Sky,' and someone named Steven Soderbergh.

Here's part of their mission statement:

    We believe sustainable independent filmmaking is no longer about the production itself. Instead, it's about how filmmakers must now expand their role and take charge of reaching and engaging worldwide audiences across all viewing platforms. In this direct approach, the viewer is now collaborative, less passive and more connected then every before. New business models will emerge as a direct result of experimentation and transparency around process, the Filmmaker Summit is an attempt to chart a course towards sustainability one that is by filmmakers for filmmakers while at the same time being inclusive of the audiences that support them.

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