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Saturday, May 23, 2009

From Ted Hope: 38 Concerns for American Independent Film

Producer Ted Hope has collected a list of 38 things he's worrying about - issues we need to deal with in order for quality indie film to have a future. It's well worth a read ... and the comments are great, too.

It begins:

    1. Too many leisure options for film to compete without further enhancing the theatrical and cinematic experience
    2. Too many "specialized" films opening to allow such films to gain word of mouth and audience's attention.
    3. Too many films available and being distributed to allow films to stay in one theater for very long, making it more difficult to develop a word of mouth audience.
    4. Lack of access -- outside of NYC & LA --to films when they are at their highest media awareness (encourages bootlegging, limits appeal by reducing timeliness).
    5. Distrib's abandonment (and lack of development) of community-building marketing approaches for specialized releases (which reduces appeal for a group activity i.e. the theatrical experience).
    6. Distrib's failure to embrace limited streaming of features for audience building.
    7. Reliance on large marketing spend release model restricts content to broad subjects (which decreases films' distinction in marketplace) and reduces ability to focus on pre-aggregated niche audiences.

(One of Hope's latest projects is 'Adventureland,' a really enjoyable trip back to the 1980s.)

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