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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things This Movie Web Site Does Wrong

Here's a Wednesday challenge for you: have a look at this Web site, and think about the things it does wrong from a digital marketing point-of-view. (Note: this is a movie I'm very interested in seeing, as a fan of Disney history, so I would *like* to see them doing a better job.)

I'd note at least four things:

    1. The title of the movie, "the boys," is very hard to "own" on Google. The words are just too common (try searching on "the boys" in Google). Pick a title that is non-generic enough that you have a shot at appearing on the first page of Google results. ("Burma VJ," a doc from this year's Sundance Film Festival, is a good example.)
    2. Site is built entirely in Flash, so there is no way to link to a specific part of it. Sites in Flash are close to invisible when it comes to search engines. There's also no way for bloggers or other Web sites to easily "grab" text, like the movie synopsis, when they want to write about it on their site.
    3. There's no info whatsoever on where I can see the film (at festivals or in theaters).
    4. No way for me to give them my e-mail so I can be notified when the DVD goes on sale.

What else can we learning, using this as a case study?

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