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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Umbrella Site for PBS Video

Check out PBS' new video portal, launched today.

Funny how Hulu has suddenly become the gold-standard for video sites. My initial impressions are that PBS' site is not as fluid to navigate... that the videos aren't as well-described in text as Hulu... and that it isn't as clip-oriented. You have to dive in to watching a half-hour or hour-long program.

But according to a post on the NY Times' Bits blog, it will soon have a participatory element that sounds pretty cool:

    The site is built on new technology that will also allow users to upload video, make comments and otherwise interact with the site and one another. For example, in conjunction with the Ken Burns documentary series “The National Parks,” which will be introduced this fall, users will be invited to upload videos of parks.

What do you think?

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