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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Internet: Bigger Than TV?

I've never been called a "historian" before... and I'm sure plenty of real historians would object... but here's an interview I did with Liz Gannes of NewTeeVee last Sunday night.

In it, I make the claim that the Internet as a delivery mechanism for video is more important than television. Television was great, but it only enabled media companies to distribute their content in a new way. The Internet allows anyone to distribute content, reach global audiences, and, ideally, make money.

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  • You're not being a historian here, Scott, just a person speaking from the position of what he knows in the direction of what he has heard went by before.

    One the sound of a voice or instrument could be recorded, the way in which we spoke and presented changed forever, along with how music was played. Once radio became ubiquitous, how musicians and speakers were presented changed forever. Television changed how we perceived places and spaces, although one could argue not as much as drama had for many centuries.

    If your vector is, specifically, quality of creation, then no, Internet was not bigger than TV, because TV's incredible money assembled some of the greatest and most talented people in one place for decades. Internet has allowed people in general to create, but the signal to noise ratio will always be abysmal.

    But if your vector is how much quality material, after you or an agent (software or otherwise) sort through the pile of chaff, remains. Then yes, this will be bigger than television was.

    This is all a little complicated for a simple statement.

    By Blogger Jason Scott, at 1:59 PM  

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