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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blu-ray could represent more than half of all U.S. DVD sales by 2012

Futuresource Consulting in the UK has just published some projections about how Blu-ray disc sales will grow over the next four years.

"On big titles," they report, "the share of total sales being taken by BD has already hit 5-6% and by Q4 it is possible we’ll see a 10% or even 12% share for some of the really big hitters."

Interesting chart below, showing that more than half of disc sales in the U.S. could be Blu-ray by 2012. Cheap Blu-ray players will be a key part of that growth -- Futuresource predicts that some could be selling for less than $250 by the end of 2008. (Graph is Copyright 2008 Futuresource Consulting.)

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