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Friday, March 21, 2008

How Will People Find What They Want to Watch?

One interesting tidbit I wanted to share from a panel I moderated on Tuesday at the NAB Futures Summit...

We were talking about how people will discover content in the they'll find things to watch.

Josh Goldman, a partner at Norwest Venture Partners in Silicon Valley (and formerly CEO of Akimbo, a set-top box company), suggested that there will be three modes of content discovery:

    1. Social (a friend tells you about it -- in person, via e-mail, through a Facebook-like site, etc.)

    2. Algorithmic (some piece of software leads you to it, whether its a search tool like Google or a "personalization engine" that roams the Net looking for stuff that might fit your interests)

    3. Editorial (a Web site, blog, magazine, or other publication reviews or recommends it)

It's a good list...but I wonder if one thing is missing. Won't advertising that suggests you ought to download this new movie, or that new TV show, still be a way to drive people to content, at least for content producers with big bucks?

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