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Monday, October 22, 2007

SneakerNet TV from SanDisk

The Wall Street Journal writes today about a new device from SanDisk designed to help in getting Internet videos from the PC to the TV. It's a "sneakernet" solution, meaning that you physically carry a USB drive from your PC to the television. SanDisk will also open up a content marketplace called Fanfare. CBS and Showtime are the two biggest content providers at launch.

From Nick Wingfield's story:

    With TakeTV, users plug the device into a USB port on their PCs, load it with video files and physically shuttle the device to the TV, where they plug it into a cradle connected to the standard video ports on their television sets. TakeTV has a remote control for navigating among the videos stored on the device. The product sells for $100 for a model with four gigabytes of storage, capable of holding about five hours of video, and a $150 eight-gigabyte model with room for about 10 hours of video.

    The device is essentially a souped-up version of USB drives, which use data-storage chips known as flash memory and are used to store and transport all types of computer documents and files. ...

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